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The Dooms Chapel Horror (2016)

PubFilm The Dooms Chapel Horror Movie
Original Title:
The Dooms Chapel Horror
HD 720p
John William Holt
Bill Oberst Jr., Austin Madding, Abby Murphy

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Synopsis : The Dooms Chapel Horror (2016)

Kyle Cole returns home to the town of Kaler Mills. He hasn't been back in 10 years since the people of the town turned on him believing that he was responsible for his brothers death. His brother, Ryan Cole, was the beloved "fair haired boy" of Kaler Mills. Loved by all, hated by none. After his death in a tragic farm accident a video was released that made it seem that Kyle could have prevented his brothers death. Now, armed with a documentary crew, Kyle has returned to face his demons. But he forgot about one of them... This is an 80's style creature feature with a modern twist. Made with practical effects and classic stop motion monster techniques, The Dooms Chapel Horror will keep you on the edge of your seat to the very end.

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